The Ultimate Shop Tool - 2×72 Grinders with Brian House

Nate and Scott chat with Brian House from the YouTube channel House Work. Brian has created the Revolution DIY 2X72 kit, a grinder that can be used for knife making and many other projects. They discuss it's versatility, uses, and also talk about YouTube, craftsmanship, shop skills and much more.


0:00 Intro

1:42 Anvils

6:21 Background & YT

14:25 Invention process

17:19 Giving away details

20:35 Art & passion

23:25 Versatility

27:50 Knives

32:48 A partners help

37:51 Shop skills

43:01 Speed control

45:21 Costs

48:20 Innovation

50:12 Website construction

53:52 Customers

57:00 Bare bones tool kit

59:45 Craftsman journey

1:04:10 Where to find




Facebook: DIY grinders and machines

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