The Craft of Shoeing a Horse: Riley Kirkpatrick

Nate and Scott chat with Riley Kirkpatrick about his horseshoe business and competitions and also his blacksmithing business making custom tools.


0:00 Intro

1:24 Horseshoeing

3:28 Learning curve

6:37 School & regulations

10:21 Shoe details

12:37 Clip horn

13:48 Contests

22:11 Contest draws

25:08 The armpit

26:53 The competitive Brits

29:39 Farrier as a living

32:36 Blacksmithing

37:42 Northwest Blacksmith Association

39:13 "one-off" tool production

42:43 How to order

44:42 Scott's special order

46:07 German power hammer


IG: @kirkpatrickforge

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