Master Electrician Dustin Stelzer

Nate chats with Dustin Stelzer, creator of the YouTube channel "Electrician U" about how Dustin became an electrician, worked his way to master electrician, Dustin's passion for passing on knowledge to others and much more.


0:00 Intro

:58 Career background

4:05 Old v new

6:43 Office hours

7:50 Master benchmarks

9:27 Loving the job

12:05 Teaching & licenses

15:14 Unlimited knowledge

18:40 What IS electricity

20:31 The unknown

23:03 Most interested

25:24 Smart home

28:17 Austin domain

31:05 Social media

35:44 Passing on knowledge

38:20 Filming on the job

43:28 Respect

46:29 Solid v stranded

50:22 Electrical theory

51:55 Molecules & matter

54:42 Where to find


YouTube: Electrician U

IG:  @Electrician U 

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