Becoming A Master Electrician: Kevin Eckerman

Nate and Scott chat with Kevin Eckerman, an electrician with Cascade Electric. Kevin has done work on the spec house and has known Scott for years. They discuss the techniques used on the spec house, working at a power plant, hurdles for apprentices, Kevin's photography, and more.


0:00 Intro

1:28 Licensing & titles

3:45 Kevin's background

8:23 Powerplant

16:30 EC's scare

17:50 EC & Kevin

20:18 Cascade Electric

23:50 Journeyman v contractor

25:18 Brand new

28:24 Spec stab in

35:12 Hurdles for apprentices

42:14 Life for electricians

43:34 Future of electrical

48:52 Photography


IG: @rancho_eckerosa_photography




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